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Finou, Josephine’s nickname


From my childhood, I remember the large fields of narcissus, we picked them up and made magnificent bouquets of them.

Afterwards, we stood along the road and waited for the tourist cars to stop, to buy them!!!

Marie-France Bonnin




Created by Laurence Fanuel with Marie-France Bonnin

Its history: The perfume “Finou” takes its name from Joséphine, the grandmother of Marie-France Bonnin who ordered this perfume from me.
Its scent is sweet like a caressing childhood memory like the loving arms of a grandmother “who was of simple origin but who would have easily had her place at the table of a king. “. This subtle fragrance pays homage to the beauty of FINOU and its elegance, but also to its splendor of soul and its nobility of spirit.
A true tribute to women, this perfume evokes the captivating smells that surrounded her and gave her all her charm.
We built this perfume by bringing together the smells of Joséphine’s world, her house, her cupboards, her garden, her small dishes, her wood fire.

Its character: Finou is a green chypre, slightly greedy and powdery, very rich in naturals, a perfume of heart filled with flowers as we conceived them 100 years ago. Once the top note has evaporated in a few minutes, we enter the heart
opulent that lasts several days on the most precious fabrics. Finou is like a
reassuring presence, like a halo of benevolence that accompanies you everywhere.
The scene is set: we are in authenticity, and its roots are immense,
as Finou’s perfume lasts.
A light little accent of cleanliness lasts for a long time, like so much linen washed with love, and dried in the wind, with the smell of absence, like a tenderness that claims, again and again, like a prayer and incense .

The olfactory pyramid taken from the book “
Memoirs of a Time that Was – to never forget” which accompanies the perfume.
Top notes: green and floral, spicy notes.
A green note, a little bitter from gentian, the spices of nigritella, the whole rendezvous –
you little mountain flowers, umbelliferae and others; the Finou countryside, simple and true, refreshed by citrus fruits, bergamot and mandarin, so dear to
Heart notes: soft, floral, discreetly warm and gourmet notes. Narcissus, which is found in few mass-market perfumes, blends here with other white flowers – jasmine, orange blossom, gardenia – and with grandmother’s cooking – the richness of chocolate cakes and
honey, without being sweet.
Base notes: an “old-fashioned” powdery base with the audacity of the smoky note: earth, wood, stone, patchouli, musks from Finou’s skin, natural vanilla and iris , the kitchen fire, with guaiac wood, sandalwood, vetiver.

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