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The olfactory art

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The nose and its emotions

Fragrances are pure emotion. Like any form of artistic expression, they touch their audience directly in their heart. More than any other sense, olfaction connects us to our subconscious which records all the sensory parameters of our experiences and memories. Resurrect one single sensory component of a memory and the whole scene comes back to us full of details. In any case, perfumes have this power, it is the Proust’s Madeleine effect, which causes the dazzling return of our sensory memories.
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Please find out more in the book “L’Art OLfactif Contemporain” – (The Contemporary Olfactory Art, only available in French) – Ed. Classiques Garnier

Smells enter in art places

Olfactory art therefore has the right to take off in every place where art and senstivity are shared, so that we integrate more daily sensory experiences and we become more attentive to all aspects of our lives. Inventing and bringing to life olfactory artistic experiences seemed important to me in order to arouse, in as many people as possible, the consciousness of the nose.

In this context, each encounter with an artist brings the smells towards a new message, another interpretation, a different sharing, a unique experience. Each artistic olfactory creation is an exploration into the unknown, whose effects have always exceeded our expectations. It is thereby atmospheres of oak moss and undergrowth as well as abstract scents of beasts or dusty ghosts that enter into plays, contemporary art, museums, art galleries, in order to make this sense live as much as the others to nurture our imaginations.

We tell our sensory explorations and what the olfactory art inspires us in ou blog “olfactive art”

Link to part two pt 2/2 – The meaning of Scents for life


Multimodal perception and synesthesia

Synesthesia – from the Greek “syn” (together) and “aisthesie” (perception)

Synesthesia is a specific condition in which the stimulation of one sense is simultaneously perceived by another sense, without the latter sense having been stimulated. In other words, according to Jean-Michel Hupé (CNRS researcher), there is synesthesia when perceptual, emotional or imaginary stimulation evokes a sensory, representational, cognitive or affective experience. In short, synesthesia is a peculiarity of perception.

“I see colors when I listen to music, words have a taste for me, smells have a shape. In my everyday life, I can’t help but create bridges between the senses. I have the impression that my memory is reinforced, because when a detail from the past is evoked, it immediately sends me back to a whole “staging” where I re-hear the words, I see again the luminosity of the place, I feel the smells and the atmosphere of the moment with its tensions and its waves…”.

Christine Glen, painter of the Dialogues of Essences

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Linda Buck & Richard Axel

"With only 350 olfactory receptors, how can humans distinguish among 10,000 or more smells, some of which are nearly identical?"

“With only 350 olfactory receptors, how can humans beings distinguish among 10,000 or more smells, some being nearly identical?”

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