Welcome to L’Atelier de Rosa Rose

Creation of exclusive perfumes and smells - Consultancy

«Olfactory Art is limitless: it leads us to explore the invisible, the soul of the world. He has the gift of carrying us away and making us vibrate. The range of possibilities is spread out before us… Let’s dive into it together».

The stages of a creative project with Atelier Rosa Rose

A first interview allows us to identify your project, whether artistic or industrial.

We draw up the specifications, cost and schedule of the project.

You receive perfume samples, we exchange, we rework the formulas.

When the perfume is validated, its formula is deposited with Accords et Parfums in complete confidentiality, and you can then order it in any quantity.

We also help you solve your questions/problems related to the art and technique of perfumes.

Creation of perfumes for your products: between aesthetics and technicality

We support you for:

Define the aesthetics of your perfume adapted to your product.

Taking into account the composition of the base of your product and its use.

We work on performance as well as aesthetics, as well as stability.

If you are creating a range of products, your perfume will be adapted to each of the bases in which it must be added, in order to optimize rendering and performance.

We also help you define the price to invest in your perfume according to the product and in relation to your aesthetic and performance expectations.

Who are we? Find out more about Laurence Fanuel, international perfumer and Jean-Philippe Peltier, project manager.

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