Welcome to L’Atelier de Rosa Rose

The smell of a place possesses whoever crosses it, almost in spite of himself.

It is the dazzling olfactory journey.

The smell of a place is the result of the materials that make it up, of the activity that takes place or has taken place there, or of its proximity to external activities that bring odors there. The smell of a place marks our memories at the same time as the emotions it generates. It is enough, then, that this scent crosses us again later, so that in an instant, our memories bring us back to this place and its experience. It is the dazzling olfactory journey.

We support anyone – architect, director of an artistic place or a workplace – in their approach to questioningthe management of the smell of the place and understanding its impact on the public or on the people who work there.

We create your perfume for your place.

Odorization of the 13th century press of the Abbaye du Thoronet in collaboration with Anne and Patrick Poirier.

Formulaire de réservation