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Video of the TEDx conference given at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes by Laurence Fanuel in June 2021 on the importance of smell in our lives and learning how to create perfumes.



To follow one’s nose, what hangs from our nose, like the nose in the middle of our face” are all french expressions saying a lot about thepowerof this sense. Yet it has been seen for long time as of secondary importance for human survival.
Smelling has been the primordial sense since the dawn of time to find our food, detect predators, find a healthy place to live, it was the fundamental sense to survive and protect ourselves when we lived in nature. In this context, a new smell represented a potential danger! What about today ?

The olfactory system – from receptors to the brain

We have finally rediscovered the sense of smell since 2004, the year when the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology was awarded to Linda Buck and Richard Axel. These researchers succeeded in interpreting how our olfactory receptors “ ” and how olfactory neurons send information first to the limbic brain, the seat of our emotions, then to the neocortex part of the brain which conceptualizes them. This worldwide recognition has thus rekindled interest in this neglected sense.

Since then, we have remembered the vital power of olfaction, which is the ancestral chemical language since the unicellular, the paramecium, demonstrated by the sperm which, thanks to its olfactory receptors , can swim efficiently towards the egg. ..

Creation of perfumes

Olfactory scenography

Odors for doctors

Olfactory architecture

Smells and Contemporary Art

Embodied through our senses

When we connect to the world through the senses, we connect to what is happening in the here and now – the warmth of the sun, the wind in your hair, the smell of baking bread, music floating in the air, a person smiling at us – to feel what it does to us, there, inside. Smelling leads us to deeply feel, a state of perception that helped us to survive in the wild world but with which we lost an intimate connection after a few hundred years of pure rationalism.

However we are multi-sensory beings and at the crossroads of our senses springs our spark of life, our vital energy. It is at the crossroads of the senses that we find our humanity connected to our immediate environment, planet Earth, in all aspects of her multi-sensory beauty. By paying attention to our senses, we incarnate, we become present and responsive to the messages from our environment. We become more conscious. Feeling is to connect ourselves 50% of the time to what is happening outside and 50% of the time to what is happening inside, because our inner world arises at the crossroads of these two realities.

Perfumes remind us that we have this sensory intelligence  “strong, QE strong,, this Heart, which can help us to think and act with  “strong,pour IQ  strong, wpml_nbsp”, our Reason, which , together, nourish our little voice, unique to each of us. By bringing heart and reason together, we relearn to respect our humanity in all our sensitivities and diversities, to develop what makes us unique and strong, to jump with joy into the unknown.

Rosa Rose Interview by Florian Jaeger

Summer 2022, Grasse. We meet Florian, a talented young photographer, who has set off on the perfume trail to feel the vibrations.

We meet for a brief moment in our workshop-laboratory.

A humanist exchange as we like them so much in this place dedicated to creativity and sharing.

Little did we know how these “flashes” of life would turn into memories so poetically palpable under Florian’s fingers.

Share these moments in his exclusive book. https://www.florianjaeger.com/project/laroutedesparfum/

With all our friendship to Florian.

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