Welcome to L’Atelier de Rosa Rose

Our Dialogues d'Essences group offers multi-sensory artistic immersions in contemporary and other art venues.

Our experience in more detail. Multi-sensory immersion uses synesthesia or multi-modal integration.

We have created, between artists, the “Dialogues of Essences”, artistic experiences multi-sensory intimately interweaving music,painting and perfume in coherence. We have immersed over 2500 people in our facilities. Each time, people remain motionless as if they were teleported somewhere else. They then tell us that they lived like a waking dream. It’s as if a spark of magic appeared at the crossroads of the senses, which makes you travel without moving!

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Exhibition of Dialogues d’Essences at the Forum of Arts and Culture in Talence in 2017. Video by Olivier Wahl.

Learn more about the Dialogues of Essences by going to the website.

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