Welcome to L’Atelier de Rosa Rose

Who is Rosa Rose?

A link between the arts and perfume

Rosa Rose appeared one day in the year 2000, at the interface between painting and perfumes. As a way of materializing to reveal scents invisible to humans, it first appeared on large acrylic canvases. She then began to speak, in 2015, on the occasion of the UNESCO dossier, in order to campaign for the preservation of perfumery know-how in Grasse. She shared, on this occasion, the links that she herself, flower of perfumery, could reveal between the art of painting and that of perfumes, in order to feed this flow of creation which is so dear to the hearts of humans. Preserving our learning, our discoveries, what each generation brings to the next, seems to him to be the most important wealth in order to bring us all towards a more creative,joyful and fair world.

These reflections on the path of creation have been brought together in the book «The Art of Distilling Life according to Rosa Rose»as an invitation sent to each human being, to create their own path of life and personal discovery. She now invites everyone to write their own grimoire and share it with others.

Rosa Rose inspires us every day, and her flower wisdom rubs off on everything we create. It is the soul and the heart of our products.

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