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The Art of Distilling Life according to Rosa Rose

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A research book on perfumes, creativity, the invisible.

Author: Laurence Fanuel

Editions Maïa, 2021, ISBN: 978-2-37916-671-6

206-page color illustrated book




Summary:And if roses were our guides, we would follow our noses with our eyes closed. How does the art of perfumes bring all that exists together? Because it takes us towards the invisible, into the energy that circulates between matter and non-matter. Artists and scientists explore this unknown before which we humans are very small. Perhaps it needed a rose to remind us that being curious and creating was the best we could do to evolve, all together, towards a more poetic, joyful and fair world. Because at the crossroads of the senses, is the human, in the here and the now. From there to ask questions about the beyond, there is only one step, to which Rosa Rose invites us, in all its adventurous flower wisdom. There is no age to get started, so this book is for anyone who wants to open the doors of the visible, to simply explore. This is a book of reflections seeking to understand what connects everything, to exercise critical thinking, to live in energy, to get out of consensual thought, to build an Art of Renewal that would contaminate us all. Why build a philosophy of life, will you say? Because otherwise, what we are experiencing might seem too cruel. This is therefore not a romance in rose water, although… With a little pepper and other unlikely spices, it could enhance everyday life.

Author’s note: Inspired by my path of creation in perfumes and painting, as well as my life as a researcher in biochemical sciences (genetics, cloning, protein production, microbiology), this book tries to bridge the gap between arts and sciences as it existed in the Age of Enlightenment, when artists and scientists came together in cultural circles, such asOlivier Wahl, artiste que j’ai rencontré à Paris, a tenté de recréer pendant toute une époque. Just as our left brain must dialogue with our right brain in order to be able to mix reason and feelings, art and science are the two paths that allow our society to explore our universe. It is up to us to keep an open mind and humility in order to enter this path of exploration, of creation, in order to apprehend the unknown. Asking questions is the basis of the human condition, trying to solve them calls on all our knowledge and reflections, to develop our philosophies of life. Creating with our heart and our sensitivity also seems to be the greatest thank you we can bring to life. This book was also inspired by my meetings with UNESCO ambassadors as part of the process of protecting know-how in perfumery in the Pays de Grasse, as well as my many exchanges with my students with whom we explore, at each new school year, the path of perfume creation


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